An overview of the world’s largest solar parks
From:PV magazine 12 Jun,2019
In the second of a series of four blogs, solar pioneer Philip Wolfe lists the world’s largest solar parks. In these articles, a ‘solar park’ is defined as a group of co-located solar power plants.

CEC warns jobs, projects at risk as Queensland introduces new solar rules
From:PV magazine 12 Apr,2019
The Queensland government has laid down regulations for solar farms that will allow only licensed electricians to install or remove PV panels. But the new rules will put hundreds of local jobs at risk

Clean Energy Council urges Government to put some energy into its policy
From:PV magazine 19 Feb,2019
In the likely last full fortnight of Parliament before the Australian Federal election, the Clean Energy Council has thrown all political parties a lifeline in the form of 10 policy recommendations to grow renewable energy,

Asia's demand for solar power to sink as key markets shed subsidies and embrace auctions
From:Asian Power 18 Jan,2019
Demand is set to drop by 18% whilst installations are set to plummet by as much as 30%.

Solar Philippines PV mini-grid franchise passes to final stage in Congress
From:Greenbox 7 Dec,2018
The economics of rural electrification using microgrids should be considered an investment for the future

The Philippines needs a cost-effective net metering policy
From:PV Magazine 9 Sep,2018
Under the current scheme, rooftop PV remains far below its huge potential in the country. Regulatory, administrative and financial hurdles are preventing more electricity consumers from installing rooftop arrays

Australia: PV sails past 7 GW – 2017 installation record set to be smashed
From:PV Magazine 15 Aug,2018
The extent of the rapid growth under way in the Australian PV market has been laid out in the latest report by the Australian Photovoltaic Institute.

Swimming Pools Help Keep Energy Grid Cool over Summer
From:ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) 21 Feb, 2018
A series of record-breaking heatwaves pummelled Sydney this summer, with one particular day even earning Penrith the dubious distinction of the hottest place on Earth. So it’s no wonder that many city residents have been seeking refuge in their swimming p

Philippine IPP Global Business Power eyes electrifying bigger islands
From:Asian Power 7 Feb, 2018
Philippine IPP Global Business Power eyes electrifying bigger islandsFrom: Asian Power 7 Feb, 2018CEO Jaime T. Azurin targets going out of the Visayas region as its home base, and expanding to the Philippines’ bigger islands with the firm’s rece…

Southeast Asia's solar industry thrives amidst dimming market expectations
From:Asian Power 1 Feb, 2018
The solar boom may be fizzling out in some countries, but definitely not in Southeast Asia.When forecasters proclaimed slower solar photovoltaic (PV) installations worldwide this year as developed markets near saturation, it put investors under even more

Does the feed-in tariff still fit for Asian solar PV?
From:Asian Power 1 Feb, 2018
Does the feed-in tariff still fit for Asian solar PV?From: Asian Power 1 Feb, 2018Tender and auction schemes may be winning.When policymakers look into the future of solar photovoltaic (PV) development in Asia, the role of feed-in tariffs (FITs)